Paweł wins in Istanbul
Dodano: 11/06/2008
Paweł have won his next profi fight. This time WKN organisation made very proffesional K-1 Rules (3x3min) tournament.

Our fighter's opponent, Ramazan Beyazkaya is a very experienced fighter from Turkey. Paweł won by unanimous decision but this fight could have finished earlier... In the first and last round Turkish judge helped Ramazan by stopping the fight for a few seconds - after strong punches from Pole, without even counting the Turkish star!

Advantage of Polish fighter was so big that judges couldn't help his fighter again. This victory is very important to our warrior because Ramazan was much more heavier, he weighted 86 kg (opposite to 81 kg!).

The whole gala was a match between Worlds Stars and Turkish team, transmitted live on FOX SPORTS TV. You can watch Paweł's fights in Istambul soon on!