Pro Muay Thai Gala at Phetchbuncha Stadium (Thailand)
Dodano: 02/02/2009
After 2 weeks of training camp in Thailand - Pawel Jedrzejczyk (Poland, Puncher Wroclaw Gym) got contracted for professional Muay Thai fight at the biggest stadium in Samui Island.

His oponent - Peley (Thailand) - is a very strong and experienced fighter. He is one of the top ten fighters in Thailand in 75 kg weight category and he has the record of almost 200 pro fights.

Wergi did his job very well. He started the fight with initiative and was moving forward, showing his skills and strenght. He was better in boxing technics, finishing combinations with strong knees and kicks. Three times he almost knocked out Peley, but expierienced opponent knew how to defend and managed to stay alive.

After five 3-minutes rounds Thai referees decided that Peley won on points. People in the stadium didn't agree with... but that's Muay Thai - good fight is what matters most.

Pawel feels very good about the fight - if the judges would come from Europe the result would probably be different. Experience is also very important. Right now it's the time for final preparations to World Muay Thai Championships (Bangkok, March 2009) - and we'll see what happens!

Watch our short video-coverage of the fight - below!