Bronze medal in World Muay Thai Championships!
Dodano: 30/03/2009

On 18-26th of March in capital of Thailand, Bangkok World Muay Thai WMF Championships were held. Polish National Team with Pawel "Wergi" Jedrzejczyk couldn't miss that event!

In quarter-final of the tournament Pawel won by KO with German fighter. Semi-final fight against very strong Iraqi was different. It was really close and the initiative change from one corner to another during 4 round of hard strugle. Afterwards, by split decision judges decided to promote Iraqi fighter. That was the end of the tournament for Wergi: bronze medal in World Champs!

All fights were held at Nimibuth Indoor National Stadium. Polish team, coached by Janusz Janowski was very successful. Beside bronze won by Wergi, Michał Tomczykowski and Marcin Parcheta managed to get to the finals and won silver medals. Congratulations!