Jędrzejczyk vs Vitovec at Iron Fist!
Dodano: 12/09/2009

Pawel Jedrzejczyk will fight for International Polish Champion in Muay Thai at Iron Fist gala!

The event is scheduled for 26th of September 2009 in Szczecin. Wergi will face Daniel Vitoviec from Czech Republic. Vitoviec is preparing for this fight in famous Hanuman Gym Praha, fighting schools well known all across Europe.

Patryk Grudniewski is another fighter from Puncher Wroclaw Gym that will show up at Iron Fist 2009. He's contracted to fight against experienced Filip Rzadek for WPMF's Polish Professional Muay Thai Champion.

Iron Fist is a big sports event in Szczecin, contracted for 8 fight in MMA, boxing and Muay Thai. It's also a music and multimedia show prepared specially for martial arts fans.

Buy tickets right now and come and join us in Szczecin!