Pawel won in Szczecin!
Dodano: 26/09/2009
Iron Fist gala were held on 26th of September 2009 in Szczecin. It was a huge sports event, organised with large promotion and campaing. The tickets were sold out and Szczecin has never seen such an event before!

Pawel Jedrzejczyk fought with Daneil Vitoviec (CZ, 81 kg). It was a though fight, but Wergi kept on changing attacts, putting pressure on Vitovec all the time. Many of his combinations found the target and refeeres we unanimous - Pawel Jedrzejczyk became Polish Pro Champion in Muay Thai.

Patryk Grudniewski, friend of Pawel from Puncher Wroclaw Gym - also had his fight in Iron Fist. He won with experienced Filip Rzadek, also winning the champion belt. We would like to thank all fans in Szczecin for such frequency and cheering up, full gala results below.