WKN: for World Champ Belt!
Dodano: 11/08/2009
On 5th of December, Paweł Wergi Jedrzejczyk will fight for WKN Champion of the World title in K-1, 82.1kg.

WKN Champ Class Fight Night in Nowa Sol will be one of the biggest fighting galas in Poland this year. The schedule is full of top ranked Polish fighters and tickets for the event were sold just in two days!

Whole idea of the event is the match between Poland and Rest of the World. Lukasz Boom-Boom Plawecki, Rafal Petertil, Michal Tomczykowski or Marcin Parcheta - these guys are really strong. Fights will be held in K-1 rules, 3 rounds of boxing.

Then two main events will follow. Pawel WERGI Jedrzejczyk will cross his gloves with Portugal's Angelo Silva in 82.1kg weight division, K-1 rules. The opponent is thought and experienced, but our star showed his heart and possibilities many times before. In XFS gala in Poznan, Iron Fist in Szczecin - Wergi won Polish titles and became pretender for the World Title. Now it's time to rumble!

Second fight of the night is Tomasz Makowski (Poland) vs. Patrick Carta (Italy). Local hero, Makowski - will have strong audience support, that's for sure. He can't find equal rival in Poland for last 3 years, but World Title fights are different. From time to tiem Tomasz is training with Jedrzejczyk in Puncher Wroclaw Gym, so we're pretty sure that he's in good shape. Let's hope will hear Polish anthem twice!

The event will be covered live by regional TV and broadcast to internet by KiBo.pl - biggest kickboxing portal in Poland.