Wergi is new World Champ!
Dodano: 08/12/2009
Paweł Jędrzejczyk vs. Angelo SilvaChamp Class Fight Night was a very spectacular event. First it was a match between Poland and Rest-Of-The-World, won by Polish fighters 7-2. All of the best Polish fighters made big impression on audience in Nowa Sol: Lukasz "Boom-Boom" Plawecki, Rafal "Braveheart" Petertil, Michal Tomczykowski gave really good show.

Then it was time for the main events: Pawel Wergi Jedrzejczyk vs. Angelo Silva  (Portugal). Polish pretender had problems in the beginning of the fight, after Silva's head-punch that cut Wergi's eyebrew. But Janusz Janowski (trainer and cutman of Jedrzejczyk) made good job and stopped bleeding, fight went back on the right track.

Wergi atakuje SilvęPawel was better in knees, made stronger boxing techniques and low-kicks. Silva had no idea for the fight. After 5 three-minutes rounds judges had no problems: Jedrzejczyk became new World Champion!

Second main event of the evening was Tomasz Makowski's fight with Italian Patrick Carta. "Maku" started very strong, and his low-kicks hit Carta like an axe. With time going towards round number 5 the fight became more equal, but point advantage was clear, and Makowski could wear World Champion Belt as well!

Now it's time for a bit of rest for Wergi. He has to heal his eye and catch some freshness, after very though and successful year 2009. It's just the beginning of road to fame and international respect, but Pawel is sure to be on the correct direction. So come back to our site often and keep on supporting our team!