Dodano: 17/08/2018

Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk will defend his MFC title against Fernando Groenhart 22.09.2018 in Zielona Góra Poland. There are two more prestigious titles on the line - ISKA and WKA belt. Be there!  " The toughest battles make the strongest soldiers" !

Brodcast live at Fightbox Tv!


Dodano: 13/02/2018

Paweł and olimpic bronze medalist in Wrestling from London and now KSW fighter Damian Janikowski trained at Lamai Gym in Samui. Hard work and rest before upcoming fights. Paweł visited very famous Sasiprapa Gym and his promotor in Bangkok. Soon we will provide information about next fight.

More photos you find here.



Dodano: 17/09/2017

Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk won historic first MFC organization title.It was hard five roud battle with Surinam Guillermo Blockland. Nothing to talk about. Please watch pictures and movie.That's what Paweł said after the fight..


Photos, you find here. Njoy



Dodano: 21/08/2017


16 septeber Paweł WERGI Jędrzejczyk will fight for first MFC title in history. Five round battle with Suriname opponent Donovan Wisse. Be there or watch live at Fightbox TV!



Dodano: 16/06/2017
Watch sparring: Paweł Jędrzejczyk vs Maksymilian Bratkowicz
Dodano: 28/02/2017

Paweł lost his fight at the most prestigious kickboxing event on the planet Glory Kickboxing in Chicago. What to say, it was very close fight and opponent was a hometown hero. Please watch the fight and take decision by yourself.

More photos here


Dodano: 21/12/2016

Paweł signed with Glory again. Here is what he said..

"24 february in Chicago I will fight again for the most prestigious kickboxing organization on earth - GLORY Kickboxing​  I'm still one and only polish fighter who fought for Glory and this makes me very proud and full of energy.
I would like to thank matchmaker  Cornelius Hemmers​ and  Eric Haycraft​  for trust and big chance. My promotor Lukasz Banach​ for good done work. I'm gonna take what is mine. Osu!"




Dodano: 06/12/2016

December 3, Pawel Jedrzejczyk fought with Matouš Kohout (Czech Republic) at the prestigious gala MFC. The fight took place in full distance but the opponent was counted in round 3.

Photos of combat you will find at this adress.

Dodano: 24/09/2016
Pawel Jedrzejczyk successfully returned to the professional ring and won with a tough fighter from Greece Triantafyllos Alexandridis. It was title fight and Wergi became International Polish k1 Rules Champion . This is his tenth professional title. More photo

Dodano: 26/08/2016


Dodano: 02/03/2016

Paweł lost his fight at Glory 27 by points with Richard Abraham.He is the first Polish fighter who fought for most prestigious kickboxing organization on earth.This is what he wrote at his facebook profile after his Glory debiut.

"It was very tough fight and I have shown my fighting spirit. It's no so easy to break me. I would like to thank Mr Cor Hemmers and Eric Haycraft for giving me a chace to fight for Glory. I hope it was not my last time.Ihave much more to show. Osu!"

Photos from the Glory 27


Dodano: 18/01/2016

Jędrzejczyk signs a contract with Glory!
On February 26, Pawel Jedrzejczyk occurs on gala "Glory", which will be held in Chicago in USA. A few days ago, Paul signed a contract to fight for this prestigious gala in category of 77 kg.
Paul will be fight with the young, highly esteemed fighter, but has not released his name. Now, Pawel training hard in Thailand preparing for this fight. Keep your thumb, soon more information.

Read article (bellow)


Dodano: 27/10/2015

After hard five rounds Paweł lost by pionts with tough Thai fighter Thanelek.Commentators and fans admitted that this Battle was the best fight that night.This is what Paweł wrote on his instagram..

"When you win, everybody wins.When you lose, you lose alone.That's how I lost today....alone.Thank you for your support and being with me during good and bad days." Wergi

Inteview after fight see here

More photos here 


Paweł WERGI Jędrzejczyk vs Thanelek WMC World Title Fight

Paweł WERGI Jędrzejczyk vs Thanelek Hl

Dodano: 15/10/2015

 24 october Paweł Wergi Jedrzejczyk will be fought in his hometown Wrocław.It will be WMC Intercontinental World Title fight with very tough and experienced opponent Thanelek Chompon, who was Rajadamnern Stadium Champion and Thailand Champion also.Thanelek have 200 fights and he won most of them.You can watch this big event at Polsat Sport live.Keep you fingers crossed for Paweł!



Dodano: 16/09/2015

This Saturday Paweł lost his fight by points with Dutch prospect Eyevan Dannenberg from Petres Gym. It was close match but opponent work very smart with his knees. Dannenberg is 193 cm tall so he has perfect conditions in 80kg weight category. The crowd enjoyed the fight. Wergi is thinking about ramatch someday but now he will fight in his hometown Wrocław for WMC Muay Thai World Tiltle 24 October. One week break and he is coming back to the gym. More info soon!

More photos you can see here 


Pawel Jędrzejczyk vs Eyevan Dannenberg HL

Full fight:
Dodano: 19/08/2015

After 3 rounds of non stop action Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk knows in Thailand as Paweł Sasiprapa draws with legendary Ekapop Sityodtong.Paweł drop Ekapop in second round but that tought warrior "come back" to the fight.Promotors thinking of rematch already because it was really good fight.Here is what Paweł said...

"Draw with Ekapop in his home is good for me.I'm well known here and respected.In Thailand everything is possible so I m happy because It was hard battle and everyone enjoy it.I will come back and we will make a rematch in the future"

 More photo you can see  here

Paweł Jędrzejczyk vs Ekapop Sityodtong HL Full fight

Dodano: 28/07/2015

Paweł Jedrzejczyk have a lot of work in upcoming months.16 august he will fight with Ekapop Sityodtong at Max Muay Thai evend in Pattaya.


Ekapop is very tough and experienced fighter from Thailand.This event will be brodcast live at channel 8 in Thailand and you can watch it also in internet.Stay Tuned and  check Wergi's facebook.You can find there movies and photos from trainings and link to the fight! Paweł will train at Sasiprapa gym two weeks before that fight.Good acclimatization it's all that he need.



After that he will fight at very prestigious event MFC 8 in Zielona Góra wich will be also brodcast live but on Fightbox.We invite european fans to Zielona Góra.You can buy ticketrs from 35zł at

At MFC8 Wergi will fight with Eyevan Danenberg from Holand.

We provide that this is not the end in this year!We keep our fingers crossed for Paweł!

Dodano: 07/07/2015

Paweł Jedrzejczyk had a opportunity to train with UFC ang Glory stars at Blackzilians gym in Florida United States of America.

"It is pleasure to me to train with such a strong and famous fighters like Glory Lightweight Champion Robin van Roosmalen.There is a lot of strong guys here who are fighting for UFC ,like Antony Rumble Johnson and many others. You can meet here also great Kickboxers like for example Tyrone Spong. Coach Henri Hooft is very nice guy and he give me good advices.Im sure that I will be back here as soon as possiblle.This is MMA team but kickboxing and Muay Thai is also part of the game so I found here what I was searching for"





Dodano: 27/05/2015

Paweł won his fight at Max Muay Thai event in Pattaya.He fought with famous R16 Rajanont who was Lumpinee and Thailand Champion in year 2012.It was very tough fight and this win means a lot to Wergi.He will be back soon,Stay tuned!

More pictures here. Enjoy




Dodano: 15/05/2015

Pawel Jedrzejczyk will fight at Max Muay Thai event in Thailand 24.05.2015. Enjoy the photos from hard training at Sasiprapa Gym and video.

Dodano: 07/02/2015

Seventh day of February 2015 at New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok there was a second fight between Pawel Jedrzeczyk and Gareth Nellies. Pawel won by unanimous decision of the judges.
Now he is first polish fighter, who won the fight at the New Lumpinee Stadium :)

Enjoy, photos from the fight


Dodano: 04/02/2015

Short document made by Extreme Shot Films.You will find out who I am and how I train at Sasiprapa Gym. All who live in Bangkok and support me I invite to my next fight 7 february at New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

Dodano: 30/01/2015

This is my interview for The Fightbox Podcast.We are talking about my upcoming fight in Thailand at Lumpinee Stadium and also posibble taking a MMA fight.It was such a pleasure to talk with journalist and TV comentator who is well known in World's Martial Art's. He knows what this is all about:)Thank you Don Roid!


The item could not be found.

Dodano: 15/12/2014

One of the major battles MFC 7 event was a fight between Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk and spanish fighter Daniel Menino.Opponent put the jammed resistance and was dangerous to the very end of the fight.Paweł imposed his style and won by judges decision.MFC 7 can be watch live on Fightbox HD.We will put video soon but now you can see photos in our gallery FIGHTS. Enjoy!

Dodano: 23/11/2014

Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk will fight at MFC7! Watch official trailer of this event.Enjoy!


Dodano: 25/08/2014

After a fifteen months break caused by a broken hand Paweł Jędrzejczyk won Word Champion WKA Thaiboxing in the category 81 kg. Paweł opponent was a Croat Josip Balentovich, replacing the Slovak Daniel Hromek who withdrew because of injury.


Josip Balentovich since the first seconds of the fight put strong resisted to Paweł. Despite this, Paweł found the rhythm of the fight and gained's initiative, which brought the desired effect in the fourth round. Strong kicks and hit the Croat made ​​to fifth round competed with pain on his face. In the fifth round, Paweł used his superiority by kicking low in the opponent's leg. Pain eliminated Croat and judge Jopie Ubeda interrupted duel.


Dodano: 28/06/2014

Paweł Jędrzejczyk and his club mate Dawid Kasperski support the honorable action under the name "Cancer Fighters". It aims to psychological support children who are struggling with cancer. The children in the pictures are shown in the daily realities in the clinic during treatment. Here's what Paweł said.

"I feel honored, that I can take part in this project. My fight is my choice and I have a reward for victory.
This children are forced to do so and their reward is life. I believe they will be able to beat the disease and if I will make this even a small brick, I will be very happy. I keep my fingers crossed for them!

More pictures in the gallery - you have must See!

Dodano: 18/03/2014

"Champions are made not born!"

Paul once again went to Bangkok to work on form and technique. He train in the best Thai gyms, for example: Saengmorakot, Sasiprapa or newly formed Elite. In Elite met Paul  Slowinski with whom he trained (see below video). Although the surgery hand passed two months. August 23 Paul get title shot and he will fight for the WKA World Champion. Keep your fingers crossed.


Dodano: 10/02/2014

Pawel Jedrzejczyk will be fought at galas organization FEN (Exclusive Fight Night).Paweł is trying to get ready for fights in Gdansk or London.Next mounth Wergi will be a special guest at Exclusive Fight Night 2 in his hometown Wroclaw.
Currently, Paweł is coming back after an injury to train. We hope to see him in the ring soon:)




Dodano: 18/09/2013

After a training camp in Zakopane, Paul went to the homeland of Muay Thai to improve their skills under the supervision of the Thai trainers.
During the trip, Paul unfortunately not fought any duel. Off-hand during the fight is not yet fully recovered. But Paul didn't go there to rest. Every day getting up at six in the morning, sparring with different players and a lot of endurance training.
By the way Paul visited his old friend on the island of Koh Samui in the WMC Camp, who performed a few very hard training.
To sum up a trip to Thailand as it is always a new experience for me. Huge involved coaches and players will always would gladly that back.




Dodano: 26/05/2013
On friday may 24 2013 in Zakopane,Poland Pawel Jedrzejczyk took unanimous points decision over Dimitar Iliev and become a new World Champion. The bout was a title defense for Iliev after three successful wins on the roe. For Jedrzejczyk it was another great win for his record. The championship was broadcast live on Eurosport internationally during the Biggers's Better heavyweight tournament.
Video of the fight below. Enjoy.

Dodano: 25/04/2013

WKN World office have announced the next World kickboxing championship to be broadcast LIVE on EUROSPORT on Friday May 24, 2013 from Zakopane where local Poland’s World champion Pawel Jedrzejczyk will take on unstoppable Dimitar Spiderman Iliev from Bulgaria.


Dodano: 14/02/2013
Paweł fulfilled his great dream and fought on the famous Lumpinee Stadium in the Thai capital, Bangkok, where held the biggest fight Muay Thai. Paweł represented Sasiprapa Gym on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, he fought against Gareth Nellie. After fierce fight and the judges decision, the Englishman was announced the winner in the category of up to 176 pounds (80 kg).

Lumpinee Stadium runs continuously from 8 December 1956, promotes the uniqueness of Thai culture and Thai boxing. Level fights played the stadium, is the highest in the world. Fighting on Lumpinee Stadium will always be a great experience. Soon this historic place will be undressed and moved out of town, and in return they have to build office buildings.

"I lost slightly, literally by a hair, but I have absolutely no pretensions to the judges. Yes, I fought better a couple of time he lost balance after my blow, but that does not matter here. Rival was better in the clinch and decided the verdict, I think in fourth round, when he managed to me overthrow. The defeat hurt a little, but I am glad that I was able to fight here. Emotions were unlikely. Stadium filled to the brim with people. I fought the Rajadamnern, but here it's all over what I saw. They were TV stations. I fought in eighth of fight, in front of me was the main fight of the gala. So my fight has attracted a lot of interest" - told us in a telephone conversation Paweł.

Below we present the video of the fight

Dodano: 18/12/2012

On Saturday (15/12/2012) at 16:45 on channel TVN Turbo in the program MMAster, along with Agnieszka Rylik and Paweł Nastula, special guest was Paweł Jędrzejczyk. Paweł led training and to familiarize participants and viewers several techniques used in Muay Thai.

MMaster is a program under the supervision of specialists who aims to select among the participants (amateur), two of the best players who will fight for a professional contract on fight in MMA.

We encourage everyone to have a look program :)
Dodano: 09/12/2012
Yesterday (12/08/2012) was held the fifth gala MFC in Nowa Sol. Among Polish and foreign fighters not run out on it Paweł Jędrzejczk, who fought with Eddie Gill from England. The battle for the title of International Champion of Poland Mauy Thai, ended up winning on points by Paweł. During the fight Eddie Gill was counted in the second round three times and made ​​only a miracle that didn't end in a knockout.
By winning, Paweł earned the seventh profesional belt and seventh title Polish Champion.

Plans for the near future? Until the end of this year, rest and relax, and in early 2013 trip to Bangkok.

Dodano: 17/09/2012

Pawel was the first Pole fought (16.09.2012)to Rajadamnern in Bangkok, one of the most prestigious Thai stadiums in the world. Wergi fought with Cheerchai Petchpaothong The fight began unfavorably for Paul. Experienced Cheerchai cut Pawel head. Heavy bleeding could lead to the end of the fight. Jędrzejczyk despite head injury put everything on one card, which resulted in knockout. Below are videos of the fight.

Dodano: 11/09/2012
Pawel last three weeks staying in Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok. He training hard with one of the bigest star of World Muay Thai - Dzhabar Askerov from Dagestan. Preparations for the fight is still going on. Below we present training exercises.

Dodano: 26/06/2012
The video music is a joint project of the sports club Puncher Wroclaw - Dirt Video - Trzeci wymiar. Photos were shot in the yards of Wroclaw city center and in training rooms, club Puncher Wroclaw. In the clip you can see Paweł Jędrzejczyk - World Champion in Muay Thai. All the material was made ​​by a team of Dirt Video.

Dodano: 27/05/2012
Dodano: 15/02/2012
February 6, Paweł fought a very tough fight in the Stadium Petchbuncha. Despite the clear advantage in every round, losing on the points. Verdicts in Thailand because of the establishments have their own laws. Often, the player wins is not who was better, but the one on which erected more money. Actually, only gives a hundred percent sure knockout win. Paweł said after the fight: ".. won each of the rounds. It was a really tough fight and the opponent was really good ... now I have so shattered legs that I could hardly walk. I shudder to think what will happen tomorrow when the adrenaline has fallen. Not to mention a few seams on my head .... ". Below we present the great fight, the verdict is clearly wrong!

Dodano: 01/02/2012
As every year, Paweł with Tomek Makowski train hard and fight in Thailand. Traditionally, on arrival and a short acclimatization, they began training in a friendly Sor Vorapin Gym. During one day of rest visited the ruins of the ancient capital of Thailand-Ajutaji, famous for the legendary scenes from Kickboxer with Van Damme. The next stop was the Lion Gym training on the picturesque island of Phuket. After a nearly two-week stay, they went to the island of Samui, where he prepares for battle. One of the best trainers in the WMC Camp Nokweed Davy - a great fighter, recognized and respected throughout Thailand. Nokweed to this day fought about 400 battles. One of the more than 35 kg heavier Jerome Le Banner, passed into history K1. Below a short preparation material

Dodano: 09/12/2011
Paweł Wergi Jędrzejczyk won by KO in first round with Hugo Miguel Rodrigues Mendes.It was WKN Muay Thai World Title Fight.Enjoy!
Dodano: 14/11/2011
Dodano: 07/11/2011
Iron Fist Gala is one of the best events in Poland.There was 11 fights in MuayThai and MMA. Paweł won his fight in third round.After front kick into the head his opponent Michele Germele from Italy couldn't fight longer and referee stopped fight .Wergi won by TKO.Video soon!
Dodano: 21/07/2011
Interview about me in the newspapper The Wroclaw International :)
Dodano: 12/05/2011
Paweł Jedrzejczyk become K1 Rules WKN World Champion one more time.MFC was the biggest Kickboxing event in Poland ever.Four main events for World Titles,four wins,four thousand people in hall,fights live in tv!

Georgian Mukutadze Ednari was a very good puncher,Wergi knew this and fought very smart.Pawel was better in knees, made stronger middle kicks and low-kicks.In 4th round Paweł won by TKO and become World Champion secound time in another weight categoty!

Enjoy Video!

Dodano: 14/04/2011
After hard training camp in Thailand Paul still train very hard and preparing to his next figt.7 may Zielona Gora will be a place when the best polish fighters will fight for world titles.MFC- it will be one of the biggest kickboxing event in Poland ever.Here are the main events.

WKN World Championship KICKBOXING ORIENTALES RULES . 58,500 KG . 5X3 MIN Tomasz MAKOWSKI ( Poland ) vs Craine WHITE (Australia)

WKN World Championship KICKBOXING ORIENTALES RULES . 62.100 KG . 5X3 MIN Michal TOMCZYKOWSKI ( Poland ) vs Pregrad SIMUNEC (Croatia)

WKN World Championship KICKBOXING ORIENTALES RULES. 69,900 KG . 5X3 MIN Marcin PARCHETA ( Poland ) vs Juan Antonio CHRISTIANO (Spain)

WKN World Championship KICKBOXING ORIENTALES RULES . 79,400 KG . 5X3 MIN Pawel JEDRZEJCZYK ( Poland ) vs Mukutadze EDNARI (Georgia)
Dodano: 15/03/2011
Dodano: 26/02/2011
Saturday 12 february Pawel Jędrzejczyk won his next fight on Petchbuncha stadium.His opponent Sapapet loose in first round after boxing punches.Pawel is very happy, because last fights in Thailand he always won on points.

Dodano: 14/01/2011
In a few days Pawel "Wergi" Jedrzejczyk and his friend Tomasz Makowski will go to WMC CAMP in Thailand.

I'm going to train couple of weeks and when everything will be ok - I hope I will fight there once again. Trainings and fights with Thai fighters give me a lot of experience before another challenges. Since Ironfist 3 gala I'm in very good shape. After acclimatization I"ll train for two weeks and then will do my best to win my next fight :)

Our website team is waiting for more news - when we get them we'll share them with you here at and on Pawel Jedrzejczyk facebook fanpage. See ya!

Dodano: 10/11/2010
Dodano: 09/11/2010
Wergi won his Muay thai fight at pro gala in Szczecin called Iron Fist 3.His opponent Jafar Mukri(KO GYM Bloodline) from England was wery strong fighter.It was a though fight, but our contender had better view at fight and more ring experience.After three rounds Wergi won on points and it was very good come back after last fight.

Dodano: 28/09/2010
Gala CFN2: Jedrzejczyk vs AhmedPawel Jedrzejczyk lost his World Champion Belt at Saturday's night gala in Nowa Sol city. Wergi lost on points to Abdel Kader Ahmet (Egypt), after 5 though rounds of K-1 fighting.

Wergi couldn't find his paste and speed - opponent was heigher and threw strong boxing punches. Pole tried different technics, but it was no good. Egyptian kept answering to all boxing punches and avoided low-kicks. He looked stronger and refeeres decided, after 5 rounds - that Wergi will lose his belt.

Gala CFN2: Jedrzejczyk vs Ahmed

Pawel Jedrzejczyk lost his World Champion Belt at Saturday's night gala in Nowa Sol city. Wergi lost on points to Abdel Kader Ahmet (Egypt), after 5 though rounds of K-1 fighting.


Wergi couldn't find his paste and speed - opponent was heigher and threw strong boxing punches. Pole tried different technics, but it was no good. Egyptian kept answering to all boxing punches and avoided low-kicks. He looked stronger and refeeres decided, after 5 rounds - that Wergi will lose his belt.


Now it's time for little rest and getting ready for next pro-fights. This time during Poland vs England contents at Iron Fist (Szczecin, 6th November). Stay with us!

Now it's time for little rest and getting ready for next pro-fights. This time during Poland vs England contents at Iron Fist (Szczecin, 6th November). Stay with us!
Dodano: 27/07/2010
25 of September 2010 in NOWA SOL City WKN Champ Class Fight Night 2 will be one of the biggest fighting galas in Poland this year. The schedule is full of top ranked Polish fighters. There will be held two main event fights:



Also in the schedule - five WKN International POLAND vs SLOVAKIA bouts.

We got something special for you. Current WKN World Champions - Tomasz Makowski and Pawel Wergi Jedrzejczyk - are getting ready for the fights. Here's the short highlight from training camp in Zakopane. Enjoy!

Dodano: 10/05/2010
Dodano: 27/04/2010







17.04 Wergi fought on Samui Island second time in this year.

His opponent Sod Pornchaichumpon is olso well known in Thailand.Hi fought two times with Wergis friend WMC World Champion Tum Madsua.Tum defeat him twise but like he said to Paweł that was wery hard fights.Sod have wery good elbows technicks but Wergi like always was prepared exellent to this  fight.He won after hard five rounds by unanimous decision.

Dodano: 13/04/2010
Dodano: 08/03/2010

Saturday evening 13 February Pawel fought on Petchbuncha Stadium in Samui Island.His opponent Salatun in well known in Thailand and have almost 200fights! but Wergi was ready for this fight.Paweł was better and stronger in knees,he punch a lot in a body and kick very strong. After 5 three-minutes rounds judges had no problems: Jedrzejczyk win this hard fight!


Dodano: 08/12/2009
Paweł Jędrzejczyk vs. Angelo SilvaChamp Class Fight Night was a very spectacular event. First it was a match between Poland and Rest-Of-The-World, won by Polish fighters 7-2. All of the best Polish fighters made big impression on audience in Nowa Sol: Lukasz "Boom-Boom" Plawecki, Rafal "Braveheart" Petertil, Michal Tomczykowski gave really good show.

Then it was time for the main events: Pawel Wergi Jedrzejczyk vs. Angelo Silva  (Portugal). Polish pretender had problems in the beginning of the fight, after Silva's head-punch that cut Wergi's eyebrew. But Janusz Janowski (trainer and cutman of Jedrzejczyk) made good job and stopped bleeding, fight went back on the right track.

Wergi atakuje SilvęPawel was better in knees, made stronger boxing techniques and low-kicks. Silva had no idea for the fight. After 5 three-minutes rounds judges had no problems: Jedrzejczyk became new World Champion!

Second main event of the evening was Tomasz Makowski's fight with Italian Patrick Carta. "Maku" started very strong, and his low-kicks hit Carta like an axe. With time going towards round number 5 the fight became more equal, but point advantage was clear, and Makowski could wear World Champion Belt as well!

Now it's time for a bit of rest for Wergi. He has to heal his eye and catch some freshness, after very though and successful year 2009. It's just the beginning of road to fame and international respect, but Pawel is sure to be on the correct direction. So come back to our site often and keep on supporting our team!

Dodano: 23/10/2009
After Iron Fist gala, which came up as a big success for Silesian fighters (Pawel Jedrzejczyk and Patryk Grudniewski won championship belts) - regional television (TV Wroclaw) made short material about our boxers. Enjoy (sorry, only in Polish)!
Dodano: 16/10/2009
Pawel had very though opponent - Daniel Vitoviec from Czech Republic. Here's video from the fight, brought to you by BrandHouse agency:
Dodano: 26/09/2009
Iron Fist gala were held on 26th of September 2009 in Szczecin. It was a huge sports event, organised with large promotion and campaing. The tickets were sold out and Szczecin has never seen such an event before!

Pawel Jedrzejczyk fought with Daneil Vitoviec (CZ, 81 kg). It was a though fight, but Wergi kept on changing attacts, putting pressure on Vitovec all the time. Many of his combinations found the target and refeeres we unanimous - Pawel Jedrzejczyk became Polish Pro Champion in Muay Thai.

Patryk Grudniewski, friend of Pawel from Puncher Wroclaw Gym - also had his fight in Iron Fist. He won with experienced Filip Rzadek, also winning the champion belt. We would like to thank all fans in Szczecin for such frequency and cheering up, full gala results below.

Dodano: 12/09/2009

Pawel Jedrzejczyk will fight for International Polish Champion in Muay Thai at Iron Fist gala!

The event is scheduled for 26th of September 2009 in Szczecin. Wergi will face Daniel Vitoviec from Czech Republic. Vitoviec is preparing for this fight in famous Hanuman Gym Praha, fighting schools well known all across Europe.

Patryk Grudniewski is another fighter from Puncher Wroclaw Gym that will show up at Iron Fist 2009. He's contracted to fight against experienced Filip Rzadek for WPMF's Polish Professional Muay Thai Champion.

Iron Fist is a big sports event in Szczecin, contracted for 8 fight in MMA, boxing and Muay Thai. It's also a music and multimedia show prepared specially for martial arts fans.

Buy tickets right now and come and join us in Szczecin!



Dodano: 11/08/2009
On 5th of December, Paweł Wergi Jedrzejczyk will fight for WKN Champion of the World title in K-1, 82.1kg.

WKN Champ Class Fight Night in Nowa Sol will be one of the biggest fighting galas in Poland this year. The schedule is full of top ranked Polish fighters and tickets for the event were sold just in two days!

Whole idea of the event is the match between Poland and Rest of the World. Lukasz Boom-Boom Plawecki, Rafal Petertil, Michal Tomczykowski or Marcin Parcheta - these guys are really strong. Fights will be held in K-1 rules, 3 rounds of boxing.

Then two main events will follow. Pawel WERGI Jedrzejczyk will cross his gloves with Portugal's Angelo Silva in 82.1kg weight division, K-1 rules. The opponent is thought and experienced, but our star showed his heart and possibilities many times before. In XFS gala in Poznan, Iron Fist in Szczecin - Wergi won Polish titles and became pretender for the World Title. Now it's time to rumble!

Second fight of the night is Tomasz Makowski (Poland) vs. Patrick Carta (Italy). Local hero, Makowski - will have strong audience support, that's for sure. He can't find equal rival in Poland for last 3 years, but World Title fights are different. From time to tiem Tomasz is training with Jedrzejczyk in Puncher Wroclaw Gym, so we're pretty sure that he's in good shape. Let's hope will hear Polish anthem twice!

The event will be covered live by regional TV and broadcast to internet by - biggest kickboxing portal in Poland.

Dodano: 13/06/2009
Wergi won his fight at pro gala in Poznan called XFS3 (Extra Fight Series 3). His opponent - Wojciech Wliczkowiak - was a fighter from Sityodtong Gdynia, where he trains with Piotr Kobylanski (Polish Pro K-1 Champion in 67 kg). Wliczkowiak's came to fight with unbeaten record 5-0.

It was a though fight, but our contender had better view at fight and more ring experience. Wergi used that experience to point his advantage and win one round after another. Couple of strong knee strikes ensured judges that Pawel Jedrzejczyk was better that night and annouced that he's the winner on points!

Full XFS 3 results at (Polish) - Small picture gallery at
Dodano: 30/03/2009

On 18-26th of March in capital of Thailand, Bangkok World Muay Thai WMF Championships were held. Polish National Team with Pawel "Wergi" Jedrzejczyk couldn't miss that event!

In quarter-final of the tournament Pawel won by KO with German fighter. Semi-final fight against very strong Iraqi was different. It was really close and the initiative change from one corner to another during 4 round of hard strugle. Afterwards, by split decision judges decided to promote Iraqi fighter. That was the end of the tournament for Wergi: bronze medal in World Champs!

All fights were held at Nimibuth Indoor National Stadium. Polish team, coached by Janusz Janowski was very successful. Beside bronze won by Wergi, Michał Tomczykowski and Marcin Parcheta managed to get to the finals and won silver medals. Congratulations!

Dodano: 02/02/2009
After 2 weeks of training camp in Thailand - Pawel Jedrzejczyk (Poland, Puncher Wroclaw Gym) got contracted for professional Muay Thai fight at the biggest stadium in Samui Island.

His oponent - Peley (Thailand) - is a very strong and experienced fighter. He is one of the top ten fighters in Thailand in 75 kg weight category and he has the record of almost 200 pro fights.

Wergi did his job very well. He started the fight with initiative and was moving forward, showing his skills and strenght. He was better in boxing technics, finishing combinations with strong knees and kicks. Three times he almost knocked out Peley, but expierienced opponent knew how to defend and managed to stay alive.

After five 3-minutes rounds Thai referees decided that Peley won on points. People in the stadium didn't agree with... but that's Muay Thai - good fight is what matters most.

Pawel feels very good about the fight - if the judges would come from Europe the result would probably be different. Experience is also very important. Right now it's the time for final preparations to World Muay Thai Championships (Bangkok, March 2009) - and we'll see what happens!

Watch our short video-coverage of the fight - below!

Dodano: 02/02/2009
From 8th of January Pawel Wergi Jedrzejczyk with his friend from Polish National Team - Tomasz Makowski started to train in Sor Vorapin Gym in Bangkok.

After 10 days they went to Koh Samui WMC CAMP, the place where Paul Slowinski trained just one year ago. Wergi is getting prepared for World Muay Thai Championschips in Bangkok (march 2009).

Dodano: 11/06/2008
Paweł have won his next profi fight. This time WKN organisation made very proffesional K-1 Rules (3x3min) tournament.

Our fighter's opponent, Ramazan Beyazkaya is a very experienced fighter from Turkey. Paweł won by unanimous decision but this fight could have finished earlier... In the first and last round Turkish judge helped Ramazan by stopping the fight for a few seconds - after strong punches from Pole, without even counting the Turkish star!

Advantage of Polish fighter was so big that judges couldn't help his fighter again. This victory is very important to our warrior because Ramazan was much more heavier, he weighted 86 kg (opposite to 81 kg!).

The whole gala was a match between Worlds Stars and Turkish team, transmitted live on FOX SPORTS TV. You can watch Paweł's fights in Istambul soon on!

Dodano: 10/06/2008
Pawel Jedrzejczyk wygrywa z Maciejem MiszkinemPawel Jedrzejczyk wygrywa z Wojciechem Hołym Paweł Jedrzejczyk is Polish kickboxing Low-Kick champion for the third time!!!

Paweł (Puncher Wrocław Gym) has been fighting in Polish kickboxing Low-Kick Championships in Świebodzice. He was the only fighter from the Puncher Gym in competition this time.

It was a very good start. In the first round (eliminations, started on Saturday morning), Paweł won with the fighter from Tom Center Piotrków Trybunalski. In the second fight he's crossed his gloves with current Polish K-1 Rules Champion, Maciej Miszkiń (Warsaw). He won by refs' decision 3:0, after three rounds.

Sunday was the Finals day. In the 81 kg final "Wergi" had to compete with very experienced fighter - Wojciech Hoły from Nowy Targ. It was the third ring-meeting for these guys. And it was another very good and strong fight! Paweł won on points and became 2008 Polish kickboxing Low-Kick champion for the third time in his career.

Finals were brodcasted live on Wroclaw's TVP-Info TV station. If you missed it - you can watch the final fight on!